First, here's my DISCLAIMER...
I don't claim ownership to ANY of the images on this site. These are all images collected from magazines, other websites, donated, etc. If your images are on here and you aren't happy about it, please contact me. To be clear, "your image" means that you yourself took the photo, or that you ARE Fiona Apple. Now, if that DOES apply to you, I'm here and now entering a plea that you don't ask me to take the images down and instead ask me to credit you. This leads me to...

The point of this site is to share as many Fiona Apple images as possible with the world. There was never just one clear, concrete website with every Fiona picture. While I don't claim this gallery is, I certainly strive for it to be, and only with your help can this site continue to remain possible. I've given up a LOT of time (not to mention space and bandwidth) to make this little corner of the web possible, and all I ask in return is four things:

1. If you have any images that aren't featured here, please donate them! I will absolutely credit you.
2. If you know for sure that something is mis-categorized, please tell me so i can fix it!
3. DON'T HOTLINK. Stealing bandwidth is lame.
4. Enjoy the site as much as possible! That's what it's here for.